The Best Pancake Compressors Today

Working a lot in your workshop and depend mostly on air tools to get things done? If yes, you should probably have the best air compressor for your shop needs by now. If not and still looking for the one that fits your needs, there are several air compressors you can choose from. But if you have a steady demand for portable air compressors, you might want to check out pancake compressors.


A pancake compressor is much like other compressors but only differs with tank size and shape. Pancake compressors are much convenient for portability and are used mostly for inflating, supply compressed air for a few air tools and just about anything that requires a minimal compressed air supply.


If you shop for pancake compressors, you might come across some of the units below.

Best Pancake Compressors

If you are looking for a quiet air compressor, you will probably like this filler. It has 50% lesser noise compared to other pancake compressors and has about 8 to 10 hours of continuous use. Based on customer reviews, the built and operation seems to last longer than other pancake compressors.


Here are the highlights of this product:


  • Non-oil lubed pancake compressor.
  • Holds air pressure steady for long periods.
  • Produces only 68dBA, does not create any noise disturbance making it perfect for indoor use too.
  • 4x Life, it lasts longer compared to other standard portable compressors.
  • Oil-free and maintenance-free pancake compressor.


As its tag line implies, “half the noise, all the power” has lived up to expectations of many air compressor experts. It provides a steady and low noise performance.

Best Pancake Compressors

This pancake compressor model is pretty much as powerful as the Campbell Hausfeld brand, but it is slightly noisy compared to the first one. However, there are also some exciting features to note that makes pancake compressor a right choice if you are looking for another brand:


  • Comes with a locking regulator that holds the knob.
  • Also comes in a 6-Gallon capacity that should be good enough to support your workshop needs.
  • Can push up to 150 PSI for tough jobs like sandblasting.
  • Comes with a quick drain system.
  • Has 80dBA noise level.


The downside for this product is only the noise level if you are looking for a portable compressor with the lowest noise. However, the features can get you through your jobs.

Best Pancake Compressors

If you are looking for a pancake compressor at a great price deal, you might be happy with this model from Bostitch. It is already an air compressor kit with an air tool and accessories. Here are some of the fantastic features you can enjoy if you decide to add this to your cart:


  • Includes a starter kit with the pancake compressor, rubber air hose, 10-pc inflator set, and an air blowgun.
  • Has 80dBA noise level as well.
  • Oil-free pancake compressor.
  • Works well with a finish nailer.
  • Comes with a high flow regulator and dual coupler.


This is not the lowest noise level pancake compressor, but if you are looking for a compressor set, this is perfect for its price

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