Inline Air Compressor Water/Oil/Dirt Filter

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The Lematec AI-303 Inline Air Compressor Water/Oil/Dirt Filter is created and designed for the easy air purification process. It’s also convenient for you with minimal to no filtering issues on your compressed air system.

  • WORKS PERFECTLY WITH ANY AIR TOOLS AND COMPRESSOR: Lematec Inline Air Compressor Water/Oil/Dirt Filter can be used with all makes and models of air tools and air compressors. You’re ensured of the overall efficiency, protection and performance you get from this ubiquitous tool.
  • TOP EFFICIENCY AND MAINTENANCE WITH ALL YOUR AIR TOOLS: Keep your air tools in A-1 working condition and steer clear from broken warranties and expensive repairs by using the Lematec AI-303 inline water oil separator.
  • SOLID DESIGN: The Inline Air Compressor Water/Oil/Dirt Filter is fully constructed for solid strength and reliability. The push-button drain valve is made of aluminum making it free from getting rust, and the solid brass fittings make for total protection. It also features ¼ air inlet (female) and ¼ male.
  • PUSH-BUTTON DRAIN VALVE: Easy to use and clean.
  • OPERATING PRESSURE 90 PSI: Guaranteed Full Lifetime replacement.
Your Secret To Longer Air Tool Life

The All-In-One Oil Water Dirt Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter

The Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter is a standard in-line filter that has 1/4" female and male inlets and 90 PSI operating pressure so you can use it together with other brands. No more hassle of looking for the right filter or tool to get the configuration you want.

To achieve quality results for your workshop activities and aid you with speedy completion of projects without any delays caused by unreliable air tools, you would need an accurate air compressor filter for a superb performance right at your fingertips. Instantly remove oil, water and dirt from your compressed air system with Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter. It is a reliable in-line filter that traps dirt, moisture and oil of any size. It constantly delivers fine and pure air out of of your air tools so it only uses dry and clean air at all times.

Best Performance with Lematec AI-303 Water Oil Dirt Filter

Industrial-Strength In-Line Filter
Works in Any Position

Industrial-Strength In-Line Filter

Every unit of Lematec AI-303 Water Oil Dirt Filter is made from very durable materials that is intended to endure impacts which often occur within an active workshop. The body is made of Aluminum, a non-corrosive material, and the fittings are of brass, a very hard material. Two combinations of strength and rust-proof qualities make this filter extraordinarily the right choice for your pneumatic machines and compressed air systems.

With an industrial-strength characteristic, the Lematec AI-303 Water Oil Dirt Filter has favorable usage in a very busy environment like mechanics, industrial and even on small workshops. With an AI-303 unit, you will have longer life for your air tools, more savings and improved productivity.

Works in Any Position

Do you use your spray gun in different orientations and find it very challenging to find air accessories that works even when it is not in the upright position. The AI-303 Filter is no ordinary water/oil separator as it works very well even in horizontal or inverted position.

Instantly Separates Water and Oil
Easy Draining System

Instantly Separates Water and Oil

Is your current air filter not able to separate water from oil from a condensate air coming from the air compressor? These elements need to be sorted individually to avoid combining with dust and which forms into thickening grime. Trust this filter and have no issues of dirt build up.

Easy Draining System

We know what you need when working with your air tools. A major concern you might be facing is the drainage system. The Lematec AI-303 Water Oil Dirt Filter is designed for ease of use. Just press the push button drain valve and off the water, oil and dirt go.

Always Choose Quality Filter For Your Compressed Air Needs

Always Choose Quality Filter For Your Compressed Air Needs

Magnify your benefits by settling with a reliable filter to support your compressed air system. The Lematec AI-303 Oil, Water Dirt Filter can effectively transform your compressed air tools to work wonders on every project you work on compared to other brands.

The In-Line Air Compressor Filter with Solid Construction

air compressor filterUsing Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter is the best option you can have when it comes to getting the right filter for your compressed air system. It is durably made from Aluminum with solid brass fittings. This even make the air compressor filter highly-dependable in varying work conditions and ranging temperatures. Protect all your air tools with this heavy-duty Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter and get yourself a favor in saving more from replacements and repairs of your expensive units. Plus, it gives all your air tools the maximum efficiency with removing unwanted air particles while extending life span.

The Right Air Compressor Filter with Push Button Drain Valve

air compressor filterAir compressor filters catches all types of dirt, moisture and oil in the air compressor. Most of the time, it remains dirty and eventually lose its ability to trap air impurities. But with Lematec AI-303 Air Compressor Filter, your air compressor system experience is different. It has an instant drain valve that eliminates separated oil, moisture and dirt out of the filter so it can continuously perform at optimal state.
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