Handheld Portable Sandblaster Kit Blue

Handheld Portable Sandblaster Kit Blue

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Lematec Sand Blaster was designed to outperform any task with its gravity fed reservoir for better consistency. This tool has more than enough power to get any job done around the home or shop.

  • DUAL FUNCTIONING SANDBLASTER GUN: Le Lematec’s newest offering in air tools comes to the Handheld Portable Sandblaster Kit Blue AS118 Soda Blaster. It functions both as a sandblaster and soda blaster in one supporting sodium bicarbonate or baking soda media for a thorough spot blasting job. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations and knock-offs. Trust LeLematec for all your sandblasting gun needs.
  • PERFECT AIR TOOL TO COMPLETE YOUR SANDBLASTER GUN KIT: Portable and very user-friendly. The AS118 Soda Blaster performs great in all your small projects with the utmost quality and efficiency.
The Gravity Feed and Siphon Feed Sandblaster Gun in One!

Quality and Effective Portable Sandbaster

Experience dustless blasting and achieve quality results using a portable sandblaster that can perfectly treat surfaces. The Lematec AS118 Blue Portable Sandblaster is a gravity feed type of sand blaster tool that offers precise media blasting. This portable sandblaster uses 60 to 100 PSI operating pressure but works at optimal efficiency at 90 to 125 PSI with 12 CFM. It has an 18oz media container for that complete blasting operation. Compared with other speed blowers, the Lematec Portable Sandblaster is lightweight and portable, giving you more flexibility while working around your workshop activities. Its fully-adjustable knobs offers a full control of blasting power so you can adjust according to your blasting needs.

We stand behind our product with a full 12 months. If anything happens to your sandblasting tool, we'll replace the damaged unit, and we will replace it with no questions asked. So blast away the stains, paint, rust, etc

· Adjustable Sand Flow Steel Nozzle

· Comfort Grip Handle

· Safety Vented Tank

· Extra steel tip

· Rugged enough for any shop, easy for any homeowner

Now with included stainless steel filter cap for precise filling
Portable and Lightweight

Now with included stainless steel filter cap for precise filling

Only Lematec offers the stainless steel filter filter for optimal performance. Easy pour feature for less mess. Remove filter or leave on sand blaster when gun is in operation.. It's totally up to you. The lematec stainless steel filter will eliminate clogged media and sand blaster problems when combined with an in line filter.

Portable and Lightweight

The Lematec Sand Baster Portable Speed Blower is a perfect hand-carry air tool you can take anywhere to achieve fine surface finishing you can’t help but smile!

Works Well In Any Holding Position
Perfect For Your Work Or Hobby

Works Well In Any Holding Position

Use it upright, sideways and when full of media upside down for small sandblasting jobs and you will achieve the same results. Remember to wear face protection when doing sandblasting at all times.

Perfect For Your Work Or Hobby

Glass Etching and stone carving are among the many sandblasting crafts that are becoming trendy. Whether you sandblast for business or personal use, this portable sand blaster is easy to use.

The Wonders of Using Lematec Portable Sandblaster

The Portable Sandblaster That Is Made To Last!

Made from tough material, this portable sandblaster is impact-resistant and can be used in any working environment such as automotive, industrial, manufacturing, or personal use for home cleaning and art work. It has a steel cap that can receive any blasting media for less mess and easy pour.

The Portable Sandblaster with Endless Applications

Restore, clean, refinish or recycle things that have rough surfaces. Using Lematec AS118 Blue Portable Sandblaster gives you the freedom to revive any surface, material or house section, transforming it to new and improved surface. This portable sandblaster can be freely used as a cleaning tool by removing tough dirt, stains, and even rusts on old fixtures,  iron,steel and all types of metals, automobile components and more. Use this portable sandblaster as an art tool for glass and mirror etching, ground and tile etching and other ways you can imagine. It supports 100# of media such as silicon carbide, baking soda, Aluminum Oxide, Glass, Crushed Walnut Shell, and etc. Start bringing new life to your things and start saving more on recyclable materials, restore walls, clean driveways and pathways, and many more!