Air Compressor Vacuum Kit

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The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit is your all-in-one vacuum and blower machine that provides efficient functions as the separate machines.

  • BLOW & VACUUM: Change tasks with so much ease and without so much effort between vacuum and blowing. Blow away stubborn dirt, dust, water, debris, dust, and more! Lematec’s Air Compressor Vacuum Kit is a trusted two-in-one machine with Suck away just about anything with the suction of over 5 lbs. with this air compressor vacuum.
  • INCLUDES 6 RUGGED ATTACHMENTS: Our air compressor vacuum kit comes with a complete set of vacuum accessories. 2 X Extension Tubes, 1 X Shop Brush, 1 X Flat Tube for those hard to reach places, 1 X Tiny tube for those stubborn areas, and 1 X Durable Dust bag to contain all dirt and debris caught by the powerful shop vacuum.
  • POWERFUL VACUUM/ POWERFUL SUCTION: Normal functioning range is 100 PSI and the max operating range is 150 PSI which makes it a powerful pneumatic suction gun. Stubborn debris and the like have nothing on this pneumatic vacuum blowgun!
The Right Blower and Vacuum Kit in One!

The Most Versatile Air Vacuum Blow Gun

Doing various workshop and DIY activities produces amounts of dirt, dust particles and unwanted mess. What makes things more difficult is what happens every after workshop activity? Yes, it is the cleaning itself. Piles of dirt, dust and small scrap materials are surely waiting for you.

Don't settle with brooms, duster and bulky vacuum equipment. The Lematec AS119 Air Vacuum Blow Gun is an all-in-one vacuum and air gun blower. Built and designed to provide the convenience in doing cleaning works within the automotive, industrial, commercial and manufacturing industries, it also offers full advantage in home cleaning and DIY projects. This air vacuum blow gun comes with a vacuum bag and 6 dynamic nozzle attachments with specific functions for efficient cleaning. The Aluminum frame makes the Lematec AS119 Air Vacuum Blow Gun lightweight, portable and durable at the same. This heavy duty air tool truly makes a wise investment!

The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit is an all-in-one blower and vacuum machine that offers both functions as efficient as the separate machines in the market. It has 5 different attachments that cater to hard to reach areas making it very ideal for cleaning any type of surfaces, machines, corners and more. And yes, it is very light and handy!

The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit with Outstanding Features

Bag It Up!
Finish Your DIY Projects Fast

Bag It Up!

Ironic as it sounds, when you are cleaning a surface, you also have to clean away the dirt you removed. This blower/vacuum comes with an easy to clean and reusable sealed vacuum bag to keep all the dirt in one place, leaving your area clean as you go.

Finish Your DIY Projects Fast

The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit has an outstanding functionality that stands among the rest. With just one switch, you can turn this air tool to either an air suction blow gun or a vacuum. It is convenient and handy. Finish your DIY projects in no time!

Save More with Two Functions In One!
With Five (5) Nozzles and One (1) Dust Bag

Save More with Two Functions In One!

When you own a workshop or simply love to do DIY stuffs, you always think of how much you can save with quality work. The Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit is a savings in disguise. No need to buy 2 separate machines, it saves you from overspending!

With Five (5) Nozzles and One (1) Dust Bag

This blower/vacuum kit has five (5) interesting detachable nozzles: 2 tubes that can be connected together for longer reach, a funnel with brush for carpets and other fabric, a flat nozzle to reach small gaps, and a short tube tip for optimal air passage. A durable dust bag adds to the convenience. Each are capable to eliminate dust, grime and all sorts of dirt. You can either blow them all or vacuum it.

High Quality Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit

High Quality Lematec Air Suction Blow Gun and Vacuum Kit

Are you looking for a bundle of vacuum and blower tool for your workshop? You can achieve ultimate satisfaction with Lematec Air Suction Blowgun and Vacuum as it offers a complete package compared to other products. This is your one ultimate kit for all your workshop needs.

An Air Vacuum Blow Gun with Powerful Suction/Vacuum and Blower

air vacuum blow gunThe Lematec AS119 Air Vacuum Blow Gun works perfectly with 100 PSI with maximum of 150 PSI, creating a powerful pneumatic suction and blower capability. It can vacuum small particles, small stones and can suck dirt off rugs and carpets with ease. Use it as an air vacuum blow gun to blow materials off a dirty surface and collect the dirt. Clean carpets, rugs, sawdust, small scraps of paper and more.

Clean the Easy Way with Lematec AS119 Air Vacuum Blow Gun

air vacuum blow gunThe Lematec AS119 Air Vacuum Blow Gun is a bliss to have. It includes a vacuum bag that holds the accumulation of dirt without having to collect it using another tool and can be easily disposed after. Just shake off the dust in a trash bin and reattach to the air vacuum blow gun for further use.
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