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2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun
2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

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Le Lematec Extension Air Blowgun 2-FT to 4-FT, High Volume and Industrial Quality Air Blowgun AS121-3C

  • blow gun extension air wands blow gun extension long air nozzle air blowgun with long nozzle pneumatic air blow gun typhoon blow gun air gun clean wand air blowgun 150 psi

  • Le Lematec AS121-3C Extension Air Blowgun has a 2 feet nozzle tube that extends up to 4 feet for hard to reach areas and with rubber tip for scratchless cleaning.

  • The AS121-3C air blower is heavy-duty crafted from aluminum and ABS material with brass fittings. It is drop, bang and mechanic-proof.

  • Control air flow with AS121-3C easy to adjust trigger. The more you squeeze, the higher the air flow. The ergonomic handle reduces hand strain when using for longer periods.

  • Designed with a hanging hook, conveniently store the Le Lematec AS121-3C air blowgun on garage or workshop wall for safe keeping.

  • Le Lematec AS121-3C specifications: Air Pressure Gun inlet 1/4” male. Air Blowgun Pistol Grip 48 Body plastic ABS. Aluminum telescoping pole. Operating pressure 90 PSI. Air Flow 2.1 CFM at 100 PSI.

All Dirty Areas within Reach with the Lematec 2-4 Foot Long Extension Blowgun

Is cleaning high spots and wide areas a burden to you? When you need to clean such areas including hard to reach spaces, you wish you had smaller and longer arms to do it. Do not fret over unfinished cleaning as Lematec Long Extension Blowgun offers a perfect solution to remove unwanted particles that are difficult to clean. The air tube has a small circumference which extends from 2 foot to 4 foot to allow access on very tight spaces.

The brass nozzle at the tip of the air blower has an even smaller diameter to enter smaller clearances and deliver a targeted blast of air pressure that is good enough to blow away a tough accumulation of dust and dirt. See your home and work area superbly clean like never before with the help of Lematec Long Extension Blowgun.

One of a Kind Lematec Long Extention Blowgun with Full Features

2 to 4 Feet Nozzle Tube Extention

The 2 foot to 4 foot length of this long extension blowgun can reach your gutters, ceilings, high windows, high airconditioning units, underneath sections of your car, pipings and etc. "

Perfect Weight

Cleaning alone is very tiring and strenuous. It is important that you use quality tools to prevent muscle strains and give you full mobility to finish the work fast without leaving you exhausted so you still have time do more. This blowgun is made out of aluminum and ABS, making it perfectly lightweight. It can be easily lifted to reach high areas and can be freely maneuvered sideways when cleaning wide open spaces.

Firm Grip

The ergonomic design of the Lematec Long Extension Blowgun provides a comfortable and stress-free handle with grip threading that is easy to hold without requiring too much effort from the hand and forearm. This extendable blowgun is so desirable you won't know how You lived without it!

Brass Tip

Use this blowgun to air blow your car engine, mechanical gears and other electronic devices like desktop computers, laptops, cameras, air conditioning units and much more. This short extension blowgun has a brass tip which is very efficient in removing dust out of your precious appliances, mechanical parts and even jewelry!

Get The Ultimate Advantage With Lematec AS121-3C Air Blowgun

Getting this long extension blowgun for home or work use is one of the best favors you can do for yourself. With all the advantages it can bring you, there is no doubt that this blowgun does the job right. Use it daily or occasionally as your ultimate cleaning tool.

Speed Up Your Cleaning Time with the Lematec Heavy Duty Cleaning Tool

Was there a time you are not able to finish cleaning because you do not have the right tool to work on difficult areas? If you start incorporating the Lematec Long Extension Blowgun into your cleaning routine, your time will slip by fast you never realized you are already done! Nothing beats a good cleaning experience with a reliable dirt removal tool.

This long extension blowgun is made from the finest and durable materials that can endure different cleaning conditions. Not only does it excel in domestic applications, it also works well in industrial settings that require tough performance.

Reach Higher and Hard To Reach Surfaces

Is there a high section of your house or workshop that has never been cleaned before? Or a part of your machinery that has a limited entry that your duster or big-nozzled vacuum is not able to reach? The Lematec Long Extension Blowgun is a good fit for these challenging areas. You will no longer worry about falling off retractable stairs or getting yourself caught in tight spaces. Let the Long Extension Blowgun be your expandable arm and efficiently clean hidden areas, portion by portion.

Technical Details

Part NumberAS121-3C
Item Weight8 ounces
Package Dimensions33.75 x 2.25 x 1 inches
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No