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½ INCH AIR IMPACT WRENCH : Remove tough lug nuts and stubborn fasteners off with LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench. This ½ inch air impact drive is designed to provide high torque with its twin hammer mechanism that provides powerful force with less effort. It is a DIY air impact wrench and a pneumatic wrench that is widely used in various applications within the automotive, industrial, commercial, mechanical, product assembly and as a home improvement air tool for DIY projects.

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1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

Super Performance and Top Quality LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench

When you are looking for a strong air tool to get you through the day of dealing with tough lug nuts, screws and fasteners, you may need to consider getting the right air impact wrench that can remove any nuts off big truck tires, cars, SUVs, motorbikes and fasteners from wood joints, product assemblies and more.

The Lematec LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench is a powerful impact driver that offers high torque output for maximum impact and portability for flexibility and efficient usage. It delivers a “twin hammer” impact type for maximum strength and speed. This ½ – inch impact gun is very lightweight and has the right ergonomics for convenient operation, refraining your wrists and hands from getting strains and stress during operations. With Lematec LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench, no nuts remain stubborn and no work is left behind. This is one of the most remarkable air compressor lug nut gun in the industry today.

For socket, lug nut, screw and fastener removals, only trust top quality pneumatic air gun that can deliver the torque power you need with a full set of features you can enjoy for maximum advantage of an air tool. This is when LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench comes in to take your stress and frustrations out over unreliable air compressor lug nut gun.

Increase Productivity with These Amazing Features

Twin Hammer 1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

high torque 1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

portable 1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

standard 1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

Twin Hammer Impact Type

The LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench uses twin hammer mechanism that can quickly remove nuts off whether new, rusty or stuck screws, it can efficiently take them off with less efforts.

High Torque Power

With 350 ft-lbs maximum torque output, this DIY impact gun is surely your reliable nut removal air tool that can bust any type of lug nut. It loosens any socket in a speedy manner and fastens any nut screw with no hassles.

Lightweight and Portable

The LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench weighs 1.3 kgs and is 159 mm in length. This makes this air impact wrench handy and portable. Carry it on any work environment such as automotive, industrial, product assembly, commercial and DIY works.

Universal Air Inlet Size

This air compressor impact wrench is a universal air impact gun with a standard ¼” air inlet which is compatible with other brands. It is generally useful in complex and existing compressed air installations and works well in various settings or pre-installations.

1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

Small Compact Design with Big Advantage

The Lematec LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench is built using tough composite material for a lasting air tool. IT is made to perform at optimal condition even when under extreme operations with its ability to resist impacts from drops and bumps. This outstanding ½ impact gun is tough to beat you will definitely enjoy.

1/2" DIY Air Impact Wrench

The Perfect Air Impact Wrench for General Use

Want to have best experience out of impact drivers that can provide you with a wide variety of use? The LE-IW-49 1/2″ DIY Air Impact Wrench has the right solution for lugnut removal, drilling, fastening and driving. This makes it perfect in auto repairs and restoration, construction and product assemblies and especially DIY projects including home improvements.

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