Air Compressor Air Gun Kit

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E-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blowgun has adjustable air pressure that effectively eliminates dust and other debris without damaging the surface. It comes with six (6) air gun nozzles with different purposes including an air blowgun rubber tip to prevent scratches.

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The Multi-Functional Compressor Air Gun

Air blowers has proven to be very useful no matter what application it is, may it be for professional or personal use. One of the mostly preferred air blower tools are compressor air guns that is run by compressed air due to its ability to draw air from a compressor and siphon towards the nozzle for a strong blast. However, most air blowers only come with a standard nozzle for everything which may not be applicable.

The Lematec LEFIG11 Compressor Air Gun is a type of siphon feed compressor air gun with 6 blower tips for various applications. It is a starter kit you can enjoy with full efficiency. It has a standard 1/4″ male air inlet which can fit your compressed air accessory no matter what brand. It operates at a perfect blasting performance with an operating pressure of 90 PSI and 2.1 CFM airflow at 100 PSI. This Lematec LEFIG11 Compressor Air Gun will definitely serve you well with your compressed air applications.

The Joy of Using LE-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blow Gun Heavy Duty

Easy to Operate

Dry Out Your Electronics Fast and Safe

Easy to Operate

The Lematec Pistol Air Blowers is ergonomically designed to fit any hand size with its easy grip ABS handle while keeping your fingers in the right position to control the trigger for a steady flow of air. The piston system underneath the handle is made perfect to withstand changing air flow from the source towards the brass nozzle. It has ¼ inch standard male fitting for quick use.

Dry Out Your Electronics Fast and Safe

Dropped your phone in a pool of water or the rain made your electronic devices dripping wet? It is important to keep your gadgets 100% dry to avoid electrocution. Luckily, the LE-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blowgun does not only clean dirt but also can blow dry any electrics, making it dry instantly!

With Perfect Grip and Design

Scratchless Cleaning with a Rubber Tip!

With Perfect Grip and Design

The overall design of pistol grip air blow gun aims to bring you ease of use. It is never complicated. Just connect it to your air compressor and pull the trigger to blast air towards your desired surface. You can enjoy and have fun while cleaning!

Scratchless Cleaning with a Rubber Tip!

One of the best features of LE-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blow Gun is that it comes with an air blowgun rubber tip. You do not have to worry about getting your air blowgun tip in contact on delicate areas during cleaning like your precious car dashboard, electronics and more.

Use LE-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blow Gun Like No Other

Use LE-FIG11 Pneumatic Air Blowgun Like No Other

Make complicated woodwork, automobile repairs and other workshop activities using Lematec LE-FIG11. This pneumatic air blow gun will help you count numbers of advantages when you use this as your main air blowgun tool.

The Compressor Air Gun with 6 Nozzle Variations

compressor air gunHave you been using a compressed air gun that only comes with 1 standard nozzle that may not be applicable for other air blow operations? With Lematec LEFIG11 Compressor Air Gun, you have several choices with its 6 different blower attachment tips. This even expands your compressor air gun applications. The various tips can turn the air gun blower as a tire inflator and an air blower for cleaning electronics, desks, corners and pump air on inflatables.

Ergonomic and Heavy-Duty Design

compressor air gunThe Lematec LEFIG11 Compressor Air Gun has a sturdy ABS plastic housing with brass metal air blow nozzles. The compressor air gun is engineered to provide a good grip for easy air blowing without leaving the wrist and hands with strains. Aim at your target area freely and comfortably with its lightweight and portable design. With Lematec LEFIG11 Compressor Air Gun, no job is difficult and no job takes longer to finish.





Ubiquitous Lematec strives to make our products live up to your expectations. We always aim to make things easy for you by offering you tools and technology that will make your way of living better. We only offer top quality products that lasts longer and you can rely on in terms of performance, durability and reliability. With Ubiquitous Lematec, you can be sure that our products are worth your investment!

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4 reviews for Air Compressor Air Gun Kit

  1. Joel Broyles

    This is a great product. It fits right onto my air compressor and is very convenient. I highly recommend this product to others. (As it says in the description of the product, it truly does have a perfect grip.)

  2. The Don

    This is a nice air tool for my purposes. I’m using it to blow grips on and off of golf clubs eliminating the grip tape from the procedure.
    Using the small barbed nozzle and pushing it into the end of the grip I’m able to control the amount of air with the trigger in one hand and guide the grip onto the shaft with the other.
    really like the control it affords me.

  3. James Murray

    Cannot feather trigger. Either full on or full off

  4. CDay

    I ended up returning this because I found it wasn’t the best option for my intended use, which was to clean dusty PC’s (found a device designed for this specific purpose that was smaller and a little less over-kill than a full air compressor. he he).

    For all of this Air Blow Gun’s designed uses, it appeared like it would function well. Arrived quick and with no damage. Seemed like the quality was good. No obvious issues, but I never actually used it. If I had an air compressor, I would definitely want this gun hose attachment. Price and attachments included were the best bang for my buck.

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