2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

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The Lematec AS121-3C Air Compressor Blowgun is what you are looking for and what you mostly need in any cleaning activities you wish to take. It is best used in home cleaning

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All Dirty Areas within Reach with the Lematec 2-4 Foot Long Extension Blowgun

Your Trusted Lematec AS121-3C Air Compressor Blowgun

Are you looking for a cleaning tool that can remove even the thickest and stickiest dirt? You may also want a tool that can reach even the hardest and unreachable areas for brooms and dusters. The Lematec AS121-3C Air Compressor Blowgun is what you are looking for and what you mostly need in any cleaning activities you wish to take. It is best used in home cleaning and highly efficient for workshop specifically in automotive industry where engine and other mechanical parts are hard to clean. It places a powerful blast that can detach even the toughest dirt in the deepest corners.

Made from Aluminum and ABS with durable brass metal fittings, this air compressor blowgun is guaranteed to be heavy-duty which is ideal for tough jobs in industrial, automotive and mechanical industries. More interestingly, it as much efficient in home and outdoor cleaning. Blast away dusts, fallen leaves off gutters, yard and more.  This air compressor blowgun is truly a remarkable air tool for you!

One of a Kind Lematec Long Extenstion Blowgun with Full Features

2 to 4 Feet Nozzle Tube Extention

Perfect Weight Blowgun

2 to 4 Feet Nozzle Tube Extention

The 2 foot to 4 foot length of this long extension blowgun can reach your gutters, ceilings, high windows, high airconditioning units, underneath sections of your car, pipings and etc. “

Perfect Weight

Cleaning alone is very tiring and strenuous. It is important that you use quality tools to prevent muscle strains and give you full mobility to finish the work fast without leaving you exhausted so you still have time do more. This blowgun is made out of aluminum and ABS, making it perfectly lightweight. It can be easily lifted to reach high areas and can be freely maneuvered sideways when cleaning wide open spaces.

Firm Grip Blowgun

Brass Tip

Firm Grip

The ergonomic design of the Lematec Long Extension Blowgun provides a comfortable and stress-free handle with grip threading that is easy to hold without requiring too much effort from the hand and forearm. This extendable blowgun is so desirable you won’t know how You lived without it!

Brass Tip

Use this blowgun to airblow your car engine, mechanical gears and other electronic devices like desktop computers, laptops, cameras, air conditioning units and much more. This short extension blowgun has a brass tip which is very efficient in removing dusts out of your precious appliances, mechanical parts and even jewelries!

Get The Ultimate Advantage With Lematec AS121-3C Air Blowgun

Get The Ultimate Advantage With Lematec AS121-3C Air Blowgun

Getting this long extension blowgun for home or work use is one of the best favors you can do for yourself. With all the advantages it can bring you, there is no doubt that this blowgun does the job right. Use it daily or occasionally as your ultimate cleaning tool.

The Portable Air Compressor Blowgun with Freely Adjust Air Flow

air compressor blowgunToo much air pressure and air flow can cause damage to surfaces specially when you are cleaning electronics. Unlike other air compressor blowgun, the Lematec AS121-3C Air Compressor Blowgun is designed with a soft trigger that allows you to freely adjust the air flow to match the cleaning intensity you need for an area. It is conveniently adjusted with one hand operation via the ergonomic handle.

Portable Air Compressor Blowgun With Hanger Hook

air compressor blowgunThe Lematec AS121-3C Air Compressor Blowgun is a perfect air blower tool for a wide variety of use. Moreover, it is very convenient to have. Aside from portability, it comes with a hanger hook so you can hang it together with your tools or place it on walls of your garage or anywhere accessible.

Ubiquitous Lematec Trusted CompanyUbiquitous Lematec strives to make our products live up to your expectations. We always aim to make things easy for you by offering you tools and technology that will make your way of living better. We only offer top quality products that lasts longer and you can rely on in terms of performance, durability and reliability. With Ubiquitous Lematec, you can be sure that our products are worth your investment!

4 reviews for 2-4 Foot Air Compressor Blowgun

  1. Gerry

    What I bought this for is not what most would think of – I got it to blow out the dirt and trash in the “lines” in the driveway and sidewalks so that I could replace the cord that was supposed to be there. Some were huge and I had to either buy really big or use the large space expandable foam. The foam was more expensive but I used it. Some spaces were really deep (curb). I don’t know how long it will last either.

    This purchase was late in the game (but I still have a lot of sidewalk to do). It sure saves my back. The air compressor sure works wonders on getting the crack or line clean. I don’t have to bend over and is quite nice unit.

  2. Giorgio the Geek

    Works as advertised. prompt delivery. Very handy extension for my compressor needs to blow air in nooks and crannies of auto engine compartment, motorcycle under carriage and wheel wells, garage door rails, top of windows and door sills, etc. etc.

  3. My $0.02

    Purchase Dec 8th 2017, Now broken and unusable on the 4th month, March 18th 2018. The part broke at the plastic handle where it meets the metal tubing.
    I would like a replacement. Attached is the picture.

    Initial review after 3 months: Good quality, been using it for 3 months, high PSI, high CFM, no issues. You can extend it to blow off hard to reach places in the shop with. Great for blowing off parts before paint.

  4. Michael Evangelo

    I have my air compressor at the opening of the garage. The hose is on a hose real. All I have to do is turn it on and reel out some hose with this wand on and I can sweep out my garage and clean up quickly. It’s longer than I thought. I don’t even have to extend it to sweep the floor.

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