1/2″ Aluminum Impact Wrench Lematec


  • 1/2″ ALUMINUM IMPACT WRENCH: Designed and passed quality standards, the Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½-Inch Super Duty Air Impact Wrench is compact and durable. It is an air impact driver that is mostly used within automotive, industrial, engineering, production and mechanical industries. Its Twin Hammer mechanism offers quick fastening and loosening of lug nuts from car wheel rims, truck wheels, construction joints, product assembly and more, increasing productivity and ease of work among peers.

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No Tough Lug Nuts with Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench

Has removing wheel nuts been a major problem for you that hinders you to do as much work or worse, not able to continue at all? Stuck and rusty lug nuts can be a show stopper and can delay most of your work with ineffective impact wrench. Every mechanical work needs a reliable impact wrench to remove every lug nuts and fasteners off wheels and woodworking projects.

The Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench is true mark of ingenuity. It is designed to bring consistent high-torque performance to easily loosen or fasten sockets, screws and lug nuts without requiring too much effort on your part. It provides a working torque of 550 ft-lbs and a maximum torque of 660 ft-lbs, you will surely get even the toughest and oldest wheel nuts off and fasten screws on hardest wood. This is definitely your right kind of air impact gun!

The 1/2 Inch Air Impact Wrench with Full Feature Support

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench Twin Hammer

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench Reverse and Forward Switch

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench Portable

Ergonomic Design and Impact-Resistant

The Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench is designed with ergonomic handle and body so you will experience little to no tension on hands and wrists.

Twin Hammer Mechanism with High Torque

This super duty air impact wrench uses twin hammer mechanism with a powerful torque of 550 to 660 ft-lbs at 90 PSI. It has a free speed of 9500 rpm that can remove and attach nuts and fasteners with no issues.

Reverse and Forward Switch

This unit comes with a reverse and forward soft switch so you can switch operations conveniently. Set to reverse to remove nuts and screws and forward to fasten.

Lightweight and Portable

No more complex setup and connectivity problem, the Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench is lightweight with 190 mm in length and only weighs 2.4 kgs. It is lightweight and portable, it can be held easily using one hand. This 1/2″ super-duty impact wrench also offers portability, you can bring to any workshop environment.

Quality-Made ½ Drive Impact Wrench

Getting the right air impact wrench can be a challenge when you are not familiar of the features you are looking for. Sometimes, not all famous brands does the job you want. The ability to perform the operation you need for all your tasks matters. With Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench, you will add value to your investment on pneumatic impact driver and materials.

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench

The Perfect ½-inch Impact Wrench for Professional and Novice Alike

Are you after the best air impact tools like an air torque wrench you can depend on for all your workshop needs? You would need the right air impact driver that can offer you cost-efficiency with matching quality and portability like Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench. It perfectly removes and fasten nuts which is very effective both for professional and personal use. It even works great as a home improvement tool that even non-experts can use!

Lematec LE-IWT-A2  ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench

The Right Air Impact and Pneumatic Impact Gun for Your Needs

This powerful Lematec LE-IWT-A2 ½ Aluminum Impact Wrench can deal with any lug nuts of any vehicle type and any fastener or screws off and through the densest or thickest wood. No doubt that this is one of the most sought-after impact guns for automotive, industrial, construction, product assembly and other industries.

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