How To Spot the Best Power Tools Combo Kit

If you have a deep love of DIY or do carpentry for a living, you must be fond of collecting your tools over the years of spending time in your workshop area. Do you remember when you had your very first saw and hammer? I had mine when I was as little as 7th grade when my father introduced me to woodworking. He was a great carpenter and did home renovations and restorations. I had the growing dream of becoming one someday that he let me do small DIY woodworks back in our garage. I used to make wooden trucks out of scrap materials. Those were great times, and I had to tell, one of the best.


So I did pursue my love for carpentry to the extent that I had my workshop and did several projects here and there. I had a few power tools to get me going and do things flexibly and easy for me. One of the hacks I discovered to get myself some of the best power tools combo kit out there that get me started. If you are new to DIY, finding the best power tools combo kit should be your first project, and it will help you do things with ease and precision.


I had gathered a few notes when I was on a hunt for the best power tools combo kit, and you can probably get some idea here:

Best Power Tools Combo Kit

This is one of the best sellers for power tools set. It has 9 tools in one affordable package if you will compare it to individual tools. Here are the features to note:


  • Has 2 sets of Lithium saw: 1 Reciprocating Saw and 1 Circular Saw
  • Has 2 sets of drill: 1 Drill Drive and 1 Impact Driver
  • Has 1 Oscillating Tool and 1 LED Worklight
  • Has a ½” Grinder and Right Angler
  • All tools operate with 20-V, and the kit has 2 free 20V batteries
  • It comes with a Bluetooth Speaker you can stream and play music while working!
  • It has a 3-year warranty on tools and battery



May not be suitable for high-end applications. This is a great starter kit if you want all your tools to be compatible with one another and if you have plans on upgrading your tools with Dewalt which is one of the best brands in power tools.

Best Power Tools Combo Kit

If you already know the Makita brand and have used one tool or another, this can be a great line of power tools for you. Although it only comes with 5 power tools compared to the DEWALT 9 Power Tool Combo kit, it hosts the below exciting features:


  • ½” Hammer Drill and Driver
  • Variable Speed Impact Driver
  • 1 Recipro saw, and 1 Circular saw
  • 4-position flashlight
  • Comes with 2 Free batteries and a charger
  • It has a 3-year warranty on tools and battery



It is not a brushless system, but overall, it can be a great addition to your power tools. Tools are cordless and remarkably lightweight. The battery goes a long way too if you are looking for more operating time.

Best Power Tools Combo Kit

Another amazing brand of power tools, Porter-Cable brings in an 8-Tool Combo Kit like that of Dewalt. You can’t merely ignore the below features it has to offer:


PCC601 Drill Driver, PCC641 Impact Driver, PCC661 Circa Saw, PCC671 Recap Saw, PCC710 Oscillating Tool, PCC650 Jigsaw, PCCW205B Orbital Sander, PCC701 Flashlight


  • 1 Drill Driver and 1 Impact Driver
  • 1 Circa Saw and 1 Recap Saw
  • 1 Oscillating Tool
  • 1 Jigsaw and 1 Orbital Sander
  • 1 Flashlight



Reviews tell that is not that good compared to Dewalt products, but considering the price and all tools operational, this can be an excellent investment if you are on a tight budget but want to start your DIY soon.

Looking out for the best power tools combo kit for you can be hard, but if you are patient and do your research, you can finally have the best kit for you. Just make sure you know what you want to achieve, you should be able to identify the tools you need.

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