3 Ways to Use a Handheld Portable Sandblaster

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3 ways to use a portable sandblaster


Sandblasting is the more commonly used term for ‘abrasive blasting’ and it’s essential purpose is to manipulate the smoothness of a surface - whether you want to make it more smooth or more coarse - using tiny bits of materials. These days, a Handheld Portable Sandblaster is the way to go when it comes to at-home use for a number of project types. We recommend something that is lightweight and portable, that can support any abrasive, and is easy to hold. The Lematec Sandblaster is actually one of our best sellers and here are 3 reasons why:


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1. Removing rust and paint can be a daunting idea; but with a portable sandblaster it’s entirely possible in a day's work. Have some old hand tools like a shovel or metal rake in the shed that need to be freshened up? Sandblast it with mineral sand and be on your way. 


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2. Getting something smooth as it once was or as smooth as you’d like it in the first place can make you feel as if you’ve hit a dead end. Using a sandblaster with glass beads you can refurbish old auto parts, components to a metal shed, or any number of other metal items that need to be more smooth. 


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3. You can cater to your environmentally friendly concerns by loading her up with walnut. Using walnut will make sure that you are left with both a smooth finish, and an eco-friendly outcome.


I personally use my handheld portable sandblaster for removing rust and paint most frequently but have used it for a number of other things like I’ve listed above. The first time I used a portable sandblaster was 12 years ago and I wish I knew more about its purpose as how widely it could be used. With that said, I hope this quick read about the usefulness of portable sandblasters helped you.


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